Louis Partridge Prefers Flowers

Louis Partridge Prefers Flowers
By Emlyn Travis Louis Partridge remembers exactly where he was when he discovered that he had been cast as the noble Viscount Tewkesbury, Marquess of Basilwether, in Netflix’s newest film Enola Holmes, out today (September 23). He was in the kitchen of his London home with his mom and dad and, upon discovering that he…

By Emlyn Travis

Louis Partridge remembers exactly where he used to be when he stumbled on that he had been forged as the noble Viscount Tewkesbury, Marquess of Basilwether, in Netflix’s latest film Enola Holmes, out recently (September 23). He used to be within the kitchen of his London dwelling alongside with his mom and pa and, upon discovering that he had gotten the role, promptly shot up the steps in a celebratory victory lap. Then, he recalls, he packed up his issues and took an English literature exam at college.

“I used to be auditioning for Enola Holmes within the accelerate-up to my GSCEs in England, that are these big tests that you bewitch, and I belief: I ought to be revising for this [exam], but I’ve bought this audition in every week, and this is the greatest thing I’ve accomplished to this level. I salvage to create this; the tests can wait,” the 17-one year-ancient actor tells MTV News over Zoom from the very identical dwelling in London. “After which I went and did my exam, and I remember halfway by hanging my pen down and factual being spaced out, thinking: Wow, I bought the phase.”

Ahead of the call, it had been a prolonged length of waiting after his audition in Leicester Sq.. “I factual remember waiting to listen to so sinful,”  he says. “That you just would be in a position to drop precise into a trap a diminutive where you wish a phase so sinful and you don’t accumulate it, so I are trying to now not prefer [any role] too sinful, but I couldn’t with this one.”

Touchdown the phase, nonetheless, did contain a caveat: ”It used to be the worst exam I did of the whole of my GCSEs,” he finds between laughs. “I did 10, and it used to be the worst one I bought. I’ll bewitch the Enola job over a bigger grade, that’s for sure.”

Alex Bailey / Legendary

Directed by Harry Bradbeer, the arrival-of-age film is per the novels by Nancy Springer and sees its titular character, played by Millie Bobby Brown, embark on an adventure to London to be aware down her missing mother (Helena Bonham Carter) while dodging her brothers Sherlock (Henry Cavill) and Mycroft Holmes (Sam Claflin). Alongside the contrivance, she encounters the plush Tewkesbury, played by Partridge, and the 2 compose an now not going alliance no subject being full opposites; Enola is unabashedly instruct and snappily on her feet, while Tewkesbury is more considerate and gentle-weight. It’s Tewkesbury’s soft coronary heart that in the beginning drew Partridge to the character.

For the closing six years, Partridge has delicately balanced a burgeoning acting profession alongside the busy lifetime of a teen. All the pieces in his existence changed when, at 12-years-ancient, he used to be phase of a 3-day brief film shoot that made him drop in care for with acting, and he’s been chasing its creative thrill ever since. Though he below no instances officially took acting courses or went to drama college, he cites Leonardo DiCaprio as a necessary acting have an effect on rising up, in particular the flicks The Aviator and Shutter Island (he’s but to salvage a look at What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, but it completely’s on his list), and now finds inspiration in Timothée Chalamet’s profession, too. Since that fateful film, Partridge’s shimmering-eyed decision has also led him to roles in Paddington 2 and Medici; he is aware of the route into Central London for auditions so neatly that, at this level, he swears he could well maybe create it alongside with his eyes closed.

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But offscreen, Partridge is aloof a down-to-earth teen. He likes skateboarding and taking be aware of his popular bands: The Strokes, The Smiths, The Medication. (“If it’s ’80s, I’ll in finding it irresistible,” he says.) Naturally creative, he’s been educating himself the particular contrivance to play songs on piano by YouTube tutorials. With the sector currently in lockdown, he’s been taking his canines on walks, he’s tried out songwriting, and he’s now not too prolonged ago turn into alive to about making milkshakes in his Nutribullet — factual regarding the relaxation that gets him far from his notebook computer veil and online training. He’s also keen on mysteries despite the proven fact that, admittedly, prefers Agatha Christie’s tales over Sherlock Holmes.

Serene, he could well maybe fast come all the contrivance by similarities between himself and Tewkesbury, the level-headed teen who prefers vegetation over politics. “He could well now not seem it first and predominant, but [Tewkesbury’s] swish soft. He’s reasonably a gradual character and he’s no doubt factual trying to navigate his contrivance by this magnificent insane existence that’s been position out for him,” he says. “[He’s someone] who’s now not horrified to love vegetation. This is where me and Tewkesbury meet; I in most cases build on reasonably a diminutive of females’s clothes and I accumulate teased a bit at college. It’s wholesome, clearly, but I love the true fact that Tewkesbury represents something that you don’t come all the contrivance by all too worthy, within the an identical contrivance Enola does.”

It used to be straightforward for Partridge to stir into the role of Tewkesbury, in phase because he bought to work alongside Brown. As adverse to for being “a bit bit” starstruck upon their initial meeting, he and Brown fast fashioned a snappily friendship now not dissimilar to their characters. Despite in the beginning trying nothing to create with him, Enola is compelled to work alongside Tewkesbury after the 2 narrowly speed loss of life by leaping from a transferring put together. It’s now not till they’re lost within the English geographical region together that the duo discovers their peculiar upbringings produce them a factual team; Tewkesbury’s records of native foliage and mushrooms secures them dinner, while Enola’s knack for disguises grants Tewkesbury anonymity so he received’t be recognized as the missing Marquess in London. “We’d be talking on position and joking and doing whatever, and we’d compose of drop into our characters, and then it’d be Enola and Tewkesbury,” he says.

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Their friendship is partly why Partridge didn’t feel in particular apprehensive on his first day on the position of a large manufacturing. “I judge it’s something to create with acting with Millie that made me compose of put out of your mind where I used to be,” he says. “Attributable to we were mates offscreen, you compose of elevate that into your onscreen relationship which no doubt helped and I judge it stumbled on within the film.”

Between takes on the 50-day shoot, Brown and Partridge could well maybe in most cases be stumbled on joking spherical and rising brief movies together the use of the app Video Superstar, including a in particular stunt-heavy one he believes lives on Brown’s phone. “There’s a Video Superstar that we made in between takes of [shooting scenes on the train],” he says. “We stood up the camera within the put together while they were filming, so it’s Millie’s phone from the inside of factual lying on the seat while I’m hanging out of the put together, generally.”

Partridge hopes viewers indulge in that onscreen connection between Tewkesbury and Enola and that they recede the film with a bigger understanding of his character’s salvage personal struggles. “I am hoping other folks realize that within the relief of his bravado and his arrogance first and predominant, he’s compose of lost below,” Partridge says. “He’s no doubt harmless, and Enola sees that and likes that. And I come all the contrivance by compose of the more than a few in Enola, who looks to grab what’s going on when, in loyal fact, she wants Tewkesbury, factual love Tewkesbury wants her.”

As she speeds away on a bicycle with a cheeky grin within the final scene of the film, Enola says the longer term is “up to us,” and, if given the likelihood, Partridge has a few strategies for his character’s future that he’d procure to stare happen in further installments. “I judge Tewkesbury would reasonably procure to meet Sherlock; I judge that could well maybe be reasonably attention-grabbing,” he says. And naturally, he’d procure to work with Brown another time in a sequel. “I judge they left the relationship between Enola and Tewkesbury so up within the air that I judge there’s to this level for it to drag… but that’s factual me!”


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