Justin Bieber Stars As Drake In DJ Khaled’s Trippy New ‘Popstar’ Video

Justin Bieber Stars As Drake In DJ Khaled’s Trippy New ‘Popstar’ Video
Drake and Justin Bieber are perhaps the two most famous Canadians in the history of pop music. Right now, though — during a time of unprecedented travel restrictions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there’s one key element that separates them: Drake’s been in Canada (which means he can’t travel to the United States), and…

Drake and Justin Bieber are per chance the 2 most infamous Canadians in the history of pop song. Appropriate now, though — at some point soon of a time of unheard of spin restrictions due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there is one key element that separates them: Drake’s been in Canada (which manner he can no longer spin to the United States), and Bieber’s already right here, in Los Angeles.

In the realm of song movies, this means Bieber is free to private Drake’s region at the guts of the “Popstar” visual, helmed by Director X (Julien Christian Lutz), which dropped on Friday (September 4). In it, Bieber is the very embodiment of the title, carrying a bottle of champagne spherical a mansion that is concurrently in every receive together and after-receive together mode, lip-synching Drake’s raps.

In the tune, Drake raps, “It’s probably you’ll most definitely assume my supervisor is Scooter Braun,” so naturally, Braun himself looks in short in the video, seemingly trying to discuss Bieber into firming it down moderately. Later, after turning up in the driveway surrounded by cars which might per chance well be completely price as critical as the GDP of a little nation, Bieber-as-Drake raps, “Shit perform no longer even on the overall receive this gargantuan with out a Bieber face,” whereas hitting a shining pose.

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The scheme-up for the clip, by the manner, is that DJ Khaled keeps pestering Drake to receive a video for “Popstar” sooner than Drake finally calls in a “favor” from his fellow Canuck. What’s full of life about this particular clip is how Bieber dwelling as Drake would no longer possess the form of Freaky Friday vibe a pop big title/rapper existence swap would’ve had even 10 years ago, in a song ecosystem the place Drake, a supposed rapper, and Bieber, a supposed R&B/pop singer, are in actuality appropriate every pop stars. It appropriate looks admire a pop video, if per chance moderately more superfluous with the wealth and champagne spray.

Drake dropped “Popstar” alongside “Greece” with DJ Khaled help in July. His sixth studio album, Licensed Lover Boy, is because of come sometime later this Three hundred and sixty five days. In the period in-between, ride “Popstar” above.


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