How PEN15 Threw A Convincing 2000s Pool Party, Down To The Boy Shorts

How PEN15 Threw A Convincing 2000s Pool Party, Down To The Boy Shorts
By Sara Radin PEN15 is officially back for its second season on Hulu, and it’s still seventh grade for best friends forever Anna and Maya, played by 33-year-old writer-creators Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine inhabiting 13-year-old versions of themselves. Just like in the first season, the middle school memories and pre-teen outfits definitely do not…

By Sara Radin

PEN15 is formally encourage for its 2nd season on Hulu, and it’s aloof seventh grade for simplest mates without end Anna and Maya, conducted by 33-one year-outdated skool author-creators Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine inhabiting 13-one year-outdated skool versions of themselves. Correct admire within the first season, the center college reminiscences and pre-teen outfits undoubtedly cease no longer disappoint.

Season 2 finds the BFFs attending a co-ed pool celebration staunch days after their secret closet rendezvous with seventh-grade heartthrob Brandt all the procedure by the college dance that closed the old finale. For the splashy occasion, Anna wears a denim print swimsuit with a zip down the center whereas Maya rocks a floral printed handkerchief-model high with ties. Both looks characteristic boy shorts, a swimsuit staple for adolescent females within the late 1990s and early 2000s. I personally am responsible of proudly owning masses.

Whereas their swimming wear might per chance appear moderately straightforward, costume model designer Melissa Walker explains that it required moderately about a creativity to squeeze the celebrities’ grownup bosoms into the suits so their our bodies gape admire that of seventh-grade girls. Here’s a inform Walker has bustle into since the show debuted in 2019, nevertheless fortunately she’s since been in a position to crimson meat up from ACE bandages to compression tanks and bandeau tops. These exiguous print are also what construct the lead characters’ actions so compelling: From wearing muscle costumes and trying to enroll within the boys wrestling crew to practicing witchcraft whereas rocking thick eyeliner and necklaces made of hair, Maya and Anna incessantly protect lawful to themselves.


Walker likens the path of of working with Erskine and Konkle to a “slumber celebration” attributable to how it also gives her an opportunity to dip into her own center college reminiscences and cloth wardrobe. “Maya and Anna are so collaborative, and it be admire, ‘Oh, here’s a indubitably tell reminiscence from my childhood. Here’s one from yours,’” she tells MTV Recordsdata. “And it be staunch nice to cook all of them within the pot and look what the most embarrassing soup is that we are in a position to construct.”

Below, Walker talks about the path of of making out the celebrities’ wardrobes and why she loves working with the IRL simplest mates so worthy.

MTV Recordsdata: What has your path of been for building the cloth wardrobe out for the characters?

Melissa Walker: When we started, I went ahead and acquired a bunch of YM and Seventeen magazines from admire 1997 to 2000 so that we might per chance aloof look what the teens [saw], who had been about a years within the encourage of or bought hand-me-downs from their older siblings, which is the case with Maya and other folks more on high of tendencies. There was as soon as such a variance between going by these teen magazines and seeing what the model sense indubitably was as soon as versus how that is interpreted by a high schooler or per chance a center schooler, on memoir of it be staunch so various.

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I’m about a years older than Anna and Maya. So I regarded by my yearbooks and even thought of the methodology I translated tendencies versus how you cease in seventh grade. Cherish, it be on the total lawful sooner than your first job, so you do now not maintain cash to accumulate anything else in your own, and your other folks maintain procedure more of an enter into what’s going on. That was as soon as a huge part, especially with Maya’s mother being moderately more overbearing, after which there’s Anna’s other folks going by the divorce and being distracted. So we undoubtedly tried to part that into the selections that they made by their cloth wardrobe.

There had been also very tell issues this season, and closing season, that had been standard, admire Rocket Canines, Skechers, and low-rise jeans. There had been very tell reminiscences for Maya, having grown up in California, that we inserted into the show. After which Anna, the total neatly-liked girls in her college — she grew up in Vermont — had the matching Tiffany’s jewellery. So we made certain that every the neatly-liked girls had those.


MTV Recordsdata: What had been about a of the challenges you’ve bustle into with trying to construct them gape admire seventh graders?

Walker: The key episode they threw at me this one year was as soon as a pool celebration. We ended up building these bathing suits with compression in it already. We made Anna a denim pocket print tankini suit with spandex and boys shorts. I endure in tips one of my mates had something equal nevertheless it indubitably was as soon as a handkerchief high. Then the bottoms that Maya had, they had been little boy shorts, nevertheless I particularly added strings on the facet. Wait on then, you’d wear them lengthy so whereas you left the dwelling, your mother thought you had been being a honest proper kid after which quickly as you accumulate to pool or shoreline you’d hike it up thinking that showing one more creep or two inches of your thigh was as soon as horny, nevertheless it indubitably ended up staunch bunching and trying admire a diaper.

Every so continuously I will maintain to whole very immediate fittings with them for a tell outfit in between scenes, and when they are now not wearing the bra, you might per chance look a distinction of their posture and the procedure it helps them trade into their characters.

MTV Recordsdata: That sounds admire such a enjoyable thing to glimpse.

Walker: Basically the most uncomplicated share of it’s that they’re staunch willing to transfer for it. One time there was as soon as a pair of MUD jeans, and I used to be as soon as admire, oh, these might per chance presumably be moderately too exiguous. And they’re admire, “No, we desire the muffin high. We desire that. We desire the balk. We desire the embarrassment.” They’re no longer petrified of pushing it as some distance as they’ll stir. And that freedom for a fancy dress model designer is such a enjoy.


MTV Recordsdata: So by methodology of sourcing the objects, did you pull from thrift retail outlets? Did you mainly manufacture the objects that they wore?

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Walker: We did about a various issues. Season 1, we undoubtedly did moderately about a Goodwill and thrifting. The ‘90s had been neatly-liked, nevertheless Y2K wasn’t outdated skool sufficient to no longer be cool, nevertheless no longer outdated skool sufficient to be cool again. So I used to be as soon as in a position to hunt down moderately about a what I used to be as soon as trying to hunt down thrifting or on eBay and staunch within the time since then, the objects I used to be as soon as on eBay went from admire $30 to $300. And now there might per chance be this resurgence of tell Y2K fashions, so discovering issues was as soon as undoubtedly more of a inform.

The worth point of the total traditional went up, nevertheless then we bought to whole procedure more collaboration with firms on memoir of, you realize, Tommy Hilfiger, Lucky jeans, and Skechers — they’ve all started revamping older kinds. I bought to attain out to some various brands and essentially maintain them ship me about a of their archived graphics from admire 1999 and 2000 so I’ll per chance reprint them. It was as soon as enjoyable to accumulate to collaborate with higher brands and designers. After which this one year we bought to construct more of the garments too, on memoir of we needed to maintain multiples of moderately about a issues this one year for various gags and whatnot. As an illustration, we indubitably needed to remake the Tommy Hilfiger shirt Maya, Anna, and Maura ended up all sharing.

MTV Recordsdata: That’s so cool. And you talked about that there might per chance be an true clothing collaboration, lawful? 

Walker: We’re making a PEN15-inspired clothing line and lawful now that’s staunch launched. Once we started taking pictures this one year, the girls had been concerned with their bathing suits and so that they had been admire, “We maintain now to construct these.” And so we had supposed on making a clothing firm, and I used to be as soon as striking together my pitch, nevertheless then all the pieces shut down with COVID and no one compulsory to make investments within the clothing line. So I indubitably partnered with a manufacturing facility in downtown [Los Angeles], and we’re putting in a program now to encourage help more designers to construct clothing traces inspired by their work on the large conceal.


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