Toyota Supra targa concept developed for SEMA is just begging to be built

Toyota on Monday took the wraps off an open-top version of its Supra sports car.

Called the Supra Sport Top, the car is a one-off concept developed for the 2020 SEMA show, which was scheduled for November but canceled due to the ongoing Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Toyota Supra Sport Top concept

Toyota Supra Sport Top concept

The Supra Sport Top isn’t a convertible like the Supra’s BMW Z4 twin, but a targa. The targa roof was one of the most popular options on previous generations of the Supra but the current Supra is strictly a fixed-roof affair.

Building this concept wasn’t as straightforward as taking a sawzall to the roof. According to Toyota, its build team needed to reinforce large sections of the vehicle body to ensure the Supra Sport Top has the same structural rigidity as the stock Supra coupe. The build team also crafted a pair of lightweight composite panels that can fit over the open roof, while still being able to fit inside the trunk.

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Toyota Supra Sport Top concept

Toyota Supra Sport Top concept

For some added fun, the build team also installed some retro-inspired items that link the concept with the previous, fourth-generation Supra. These include the basket handle rear wing and circular lighting elements in the taillights.

The 2020 SEMA show was originally scheduled for the first week of November, when Toyota presented three other Supra builds developed for the show, including an art car by British artist Nicolai Sclater.

Toyota TRD-Sport Trailer conncept

Toyota TRD-Sport Trailer conncept

Toyota also planned to unveil the TRD-Sport Trailer concept (shown above) at the show, which is best described as a Toyota Tacoma’s bed that has been separated from the rest of the pickup and fitted with overlanding gear. It features a remote-operated scissor-lift that can support a two-person tent, as well as a slide-out sink and stove, and even a custom-built toilet.

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