GMC Hummer EV SUV reveal set for Apr. 3

The SUV version of GMC’s Hummer EV battery-electric pickup truck will debut on April 3, the automaker said Monday.

A livestream of the reveal will take place on GMC’s website starting at 5 p.m. EDT, after which interested customers will be able to place reservations.

The Hummer EV pickup truck starts production this fall. GMC hasn’t said when the SUV will enter production. It’s possible the SUV won’t enter production until next year.

We are provided with a shadowy glimpse of the SUV in the video above, though the design was already shown last fall during a virtual conference for investors (screen grab below).

GM VP Doug Parks with Hummer EV SUV

GM VP Doug Parks with Hummer EV SUV

The design of the Hummer EV SUV is hardly a surprise. It’s going to be an exact match to the pickup truck, apart from its enclosed rear section which could potentially house third-row seats.

Expect the available powertrains to also be a match, meaning up to 1,000 hp from a three-motor powertrain and a range of over 350 miles, though perhaps not in combination. It’s all made possible by General Motors’ new Ultium modular EV platform and battery technology.

GMC is out testing prototypes for the pickup truck and has made use of the winter weather to calibrate the performance in sub-zero temperatures. One of the key goals for testers is ensuring adequate traction on slippery surfaces given all of the torque going through the wheels. Prototypes for the SUV will likely start testing following April’s reveal.

GMC has a staggered launch planned for the Hummer EV, starting with the top models first. The automaker will first introduce a special Launch Edition grade with the three-motor powertrain this fall. It is priced to start at $112,595. About a year later, GM will introduce a regular Hummer EV3X with the three-motor powertrain, priced from $99,995. More affordable EV2X and EV2 grades will arrive in 2023 and 2024, respectively. The EV2X will be priced from $89,995 and the EV2 from $79,995.

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