Get ready for the Hyperscreen: Mercedes EQS to offer dash-wide curved display

The car was one of our last refuges from the glare of the digital screen but automakers are set on changing that. It started with Tesla turning a computer monitor on its side and installing it in the Model S, and now some automakers are looking to install screens spanning the entire width of the dash in their cars.

The M-Byte battery-electric SUV from Chinese startup Byton was the first with a dash-wide screen, though it isn’t clear if many of the SUVs will hit the road as the company ceased production back in July. Buyers in Europe also have the Honda E electric hatchback which comes standard with a dash-wide screen.

Now Mercedes-Benz is set to introduce its own dash-wide screen, starting with its new EQS electric sedan due on sale next year likely as a 2022 model. Mercedes calls its screen the Hyperscreen and will offer it as an option in the EQS. The sedan’s standard screen is expected to be a portrait style screen similar to the one in the latest S-Class.

Mercedes will show the screen on January 7, 2021, before presenting further details on Jan. 11 during a scheduled streamed version of the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show. What we already know is that it will be a curved display powered by the latest version of Mercedes’ MBUX infotainment system. It will also incorporate artificial intelligence.

Via the screen, the driver will be able to control the infotainment, comfort settings, and multiple other vehicle functions. The front passenger will also have their own screen real estate.

The EQS will be the first vehicle on Mercedes’ dedicated EV platform known as EVA. It should offer a range approaching 400 miles, and we know it will eventually spawn an SUV counterpart. A smaller EQE sedan based on the EVA platform is also coming, and it too will spawn its own SUV counterpart. It’s likely these models will also be available with the Hyperscreen.

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