Electric Porsche Macan tipped to spawn Q6 E-Tron at Audi

Porsche is about to expand its Macan range with a battery-electric variant based on the new PPE dedicated electric-vehicle platform being cooked up by the automaker in partnership with Audi.

The electric Macan is due in 2022 and just as we saw with the Porsche Taycan and Audi E-Tron GT twins, it may end up spawning an Audi counterpart.

According to a report from Germany’s AutoBild published over the weekend, Audi is planning its own take on the electric Macan to be badged a “Q6 E-Tron” and on sale by late 2022.

As the name suggests, the Q6 E-Tron would be positioned somewhere between the Q5 and Q7, making it essentially a replacement for the E-Tron which currently occupies that space and itself was rumored to be called a Q6 prior to its debut in 2018. Given the fast-moving pace of EV technology, it’s very possible the E-Tron will have a shorter lifespan than the typical seven to eight years for an Audi.

Recall, the E-Tron is based on a modified version of the MLB Evo platform for internal-combustion vehicles, and Audi may want to replace it by a new model based on a dedicated EV platform to keep up with the competition. The PPE platform promises an 800-volt electrical system and driving ranges approaching 300 miles on a charge.

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