Dario Franchitti named development driver for Gordon Murray's T.50 supercar

Gordon Murray revealed to the world his new T.50 supercar in August, but production isn’t scheduled to begin until early 2022.

In between will be a long development process, and helping with that process will be none other than successful IndyCar and NASCAR driver Dario Franchitti.

Murray’s new car company, Gordon Murray Automotive, announced Friday that the three-time Indianapolis 500 winner will serve as a development driver for the T.50 and its planned T.50s track version.

Gordon Murray (left) and Dario Franchitti

Gordon Murray (left) and Dario Franchitti

Franchitti, who these days serves as a motorsport commentator, will also serve as a spokesman for GMA and appear in some of the company’s promotional videos. He will also help plan track-day events for customers of the T.50s and work with GMA to determine the feasibility for a race series.

He will also be involved in all future product decisions at GMA, according to Murray.

“His skills as a driver need no introduction but his well-known appreciation of road cars is rare for a racing driver in my experience,” Murray said in a statement. “His relationship with our business will go far deeper; Dario will help us fully establish the Gordon Murray brand, with input and involvement in all future product decisions.”

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Gordon Murray T.50s

Gordon Murray T.50s

Only 125 T.50 supercars will be built, with 100 of these to be road cars and the remainder the T.50s track car. Each will be powered by a Cosworth-developed V-12 displacing 3.9 liters and featuring only a mild-hybrid system. Peak power in the T.50 will be 690 horsepower, rising to 720 hp in the T.50s.

Note, the track car will give up a manual transmission for a paddle-shifted unit. The move will undoubtedly be good for lap times, but will it honor the spirit of the F1 the way the base car will?

No matter your feelings on that particular subject, there’s no denying the appeal of a new supercar from Murray, especially one that brings back iconic tech, such as the active downforce utilized on Brabham’s F1 cars of the 1970s.


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